The Knicks will go into Milwaukee tonight to play a good young Bucks team.  The Bucks are lead by the young Brandon Jennings who if he gets hot can put up huge numbers (55 points was his career high last year check the video below).  The Knicks could/should have drafted him in last years draft but they chose to pick the great Jordan Hill

Jordan Hill was so bad that he didn't even last a full season in New York as he was put in the deal to acquire T-Mac.  How did that deal work out? Oh the Knicks and everybody realized T-Mac was officially finished and couldn't play more then 20 minutes a night.  In that deal the Rockets snatched the Knicks 2012 first round pick and they have the right to swap first rounders in 2011.  I thought we were done with these bone head trades in New York when Isiah left?  Oh guess not.

Bottom line is if the Knicks drafted Brandon Jennings none of this would have happened.  Everytime I see Jennings play it just erks me because he has some serious skills.