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Memo to David Stern, Adam Silver, Derek Fisher, Billy Hunter and the rest of the players and owners:

The fans don’t care about who gets more percentage of basketball related revenue.  

The fans don’t care if owners are whining about having to pay for players to stay in 5 star hotels.

The fans don't care about the owners complaining about having to turn the lights on in the arenas (if you can’t “afford” the electric bill then sell the damn team - nobody told you to buy something you can't "afford").  

The fans don’t care about how long the contracts can/will be.  

The fans don’t care if contracts are guaranteed or not.  

The fans don’t care about who can sign with what team.  

The fans don’t care about billionaires “losing money” because they signed Brian Scalabrine to a 15 million dollar contract.  

The fans don’t care about your charity basketball games.  

The fans don’t care about NBA All-stars going on a world tour.

The fans don’t care about who comes out on top at the end of these negotiations (which has only become a battle of egos at this point).  

Hey billionaires and millionaires - the fans ONLY care about one thing….REAL NBA BASKETBALL!!


Take a second owners/players and look at yourselves in your 22k gold trimmed mirror and realize what you are doing to your fan base. More importantly take a look at what you are doing to everybody who makes a living off the NBA.

The Ushers – They got it bad all right (sorry couldn’t resist) think about Joe Usher who has to make a mortgage payment. Think about that as you drive to these meetings in your 745s or Bentleys.

Parking Lot Attendants – You think they really can live off just parking NHL player’s zambonis?  They live off the tips from the fans and the players at NBA games too.  Think about that while you are arguing over 2 percentage points as you check the time on your $10,000 Rolex.

Surrounding Restaurants/Bars – New York City restaurants and bars will take a hit but it’s not nearly as bad as the surrounding areas that don't have millions of people flowing through it everyday.  

Think about Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Memphis, Charlotte, etc.  Wait a second, I thought the owners wanted to help out the small markets? Wasn't that the main point of this NBA Lockout? Oooooh no it isn't - they just want to help out the small market billionaires….my bad.

Bloggers - Yeah that’s me…luckily I don’t make my living off this blog (hopefully one day I do) but I do this mainly for the love of it - I do it for the love of my Knicks and the NBA.  However, there are plenty of my fellow bloggers out there who make a living off these web sites. These NBA bloggers are slowly losing advertisers because they aren't getting any traffic anymore. They are forced to write about Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries and who she is going to have sex with next.  Is it going to be Danilo Gallinari?  WHO CARES!!!!

Do not get me wrong - I don’t blame them for writing about Humpdashian because they have to write about anything NBA related just to keep the articles flowing because lockout-greed posts are getting old.  Think about that owners/players while you read this on your 8 year old daughters brand new Ipad 2. 

Bottom line is owners and players - nobody cares who comes out on top and “wins” this lockout.  All anybody cares about is getting the NBA back on the floor. 

So do us all a favor and stop with this PR battle, stop talking with the media, stop playing charity basketball games and get a deal done!!  At least get a deal done in principle so training camp can open before it’s too late.  

I am not a lockoutologist and don't know every detail like I know my NBA stats because I DON'T CARE!!! ALL I WANT IS MY FAVORITE SPORT PLAYING GAMES AGAIN!!

In closing just remember you millionaires/billionaires will be fine with no NBA for a season.  However, the people I mentioned above who live off the NBA will be filing for bankruptcy….think about that as you have your personal chefs cook you filet mignon and go to sleep on your Gucci bed spreads.




Alex Benesowitz and every NBA fan out there


Side Note 

Originally I had refused to write about this lockout because I figured they would get a deal done sooner or later - boy was I wrong.  I thought I wouldn’t have to regurgitate while commenting on the excessive GREED that’s going on here...It's like a Michael J. Fox movie all over again.

It really sickens mean that instead of writing about the revival of the Knicks/Heat rivalry I am writing about a tag team match up between Stern/Silver vs. Fisher/Hunter which would be better suited for Mouth of the South Shore.  Excuse me I have to go vomit.....PLEASE GET A DEAL DONE TODAY GUYS!!


There will be a 2011-2012 NBA SEASON

- The players will cave eventually because once those game checks stop coming in you'll see how quick they settle for the 51% and guess what NO FANS WILL CARE IF THE PLAYERS "LOSE."  The fans will only be happy to see NBA games again.


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I don't know who's cartoon that is above.  I found it somewhere on the internet but I'd love to give whoever's drawing it is credit for it. It perfectly describes the greed that's going on right now.


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