David Lee came home last night to Madison Square Garden and he received a standing O and rightfully so.  He deserved the video tribute and every clap that was directed his way last night.  "Double" Lee had his usual double double (28 and 10) as the Warriors held off a late Knicks surge and won 122-117. The Knicks showed a lot of heart last night coming back in the fourth quarter but they ended up coming short.  It was wild one at the Garden last night as Amar'e Stoudemire did his best Patrick Ewing imitation and missed two big free throws down the stretch.

I'm tired of hearing the haters out there say that Lee does not deserve the video tribute or the standing ovation.  All Lee did in his tenure with the Knicks is hustle every night in what was probably the darkest era in Knicks history. 

Was it Lee's fault that his team was gutted everytime they played well?  Was it Lee's fault Isiah Thomas is an idiot? Was it Lee's fault Larry Brown didn't play him a significant amount in his rookie season? Was it Lee's fault the Knicks blew a couple obvious draft picks? Was it Lee's fault that the Knicks needed the cap space to sign somone else besides Amar'e Stoudemire in the future? The answer to all these questions are no.  Have a great career in Oakland Mr. Lee you will always be respected by every REAL Knick fan out there.