Another week has passed and Carmelo Anthony has rejected another offer from the Denver Nuggets.  The question is when are the Nuggets going to give up and trade Melo?  Or are they going to pull a Cav and wait it out and watch him walk?  He doesn't want to go to the Nets and waste 2-3 years in Newark.  Think about it....if he plays with the Knicks he can play in his prime in Madison Square Garden with Amar'e Stoudemire.....honestly what would you do?  Yeah, that is what I thought.

The report I saw on ESPN's show Parden the Interruption (my favorite show besides South Park) was that the Knicks are reportedly offering Eddy Curry(and his expiring contract), Anthony Randolph, Danilo Gallinari and some first rounders.  I know what every Knick fan is thinking....DO IT!!! 

I say no and wait it out

Before you hit the X on the top right of your screen (or top left if you are using a Mac because Apple likes to be different)....hear me out...

Carmelo is a free agent in the off season and the Knicks can sign him while not giving up Galo and not giving up anymore first rounders like this franchise aaaalways does.  They could legitimately start their own "super team" - it really is hard to imagine anybody disagreeing with me on this.

I know all you Knick fans as well as me are starved for a winner but trust me - wait it out one more season.  If we wait one more season we could have a legit championship contender that can compete with even the Heat.  Melo on Dwayne Wade or LeBron James and Amar'e on Bosh lets get real here Amar'e is better then Chris Bosh......ok, ok, ok, I'm getting ahead of myself.  

Just think though - Melo and Stoudemire would get double-teamed and Gallinari would just hit three pointers all day.  If we trade Gallinari the Knicks will still have a great team but why not have an even better team?  I might not like Carmelo Anthony's character based on his hit and run incident at MSG but people do grow up.  Nobody can argue with the fact that hands down the man can play ball.