After the recent return of Danilo Gallinari back into the rotation, Wilson Chandler has struggled. Not only is the return of Gallo an indication of the struggles, but recent trade talks and being a contract year are also weighing in on Chandler's mind. But, fans will be fans and the Knicks faithful will root on until the death. A recent argument is that a lot of people are not so much on the Gallinari bandwagon and support Chandler because he has produced and gotten better each year.

The recent benching of Chandler to start the game in Oklahoma City was a true ignitor in a fan frenzy. The arguments range from Gallinari is inconsistent, Gallinari cannot play defense and he has one good half and then disappears. Also, Gallinari is related to D'Antoni and they have a history when Gallo came over from Italy. I'll be honest, I don't mind Gallinari's game and I think he's actually gotten better coming into this year. Here's why.

First and foremost, Gallo is now taking the ball to the basket and is getting to the free throw line. He has shown he can be relentless and he did hit a streak of 43-44 free throws earlier in the year. Second, his defense has gotten stronger and he is guarding some players that have already made a name for themselves in this league. For instance, in the recent loss to OKC, Gallo was guarding Kevin Durant. Durant ended up with 30, but when Gallo was on the floor, he made Durant work hard for whatever he got including the game winning jumper at the buzzer.

Now, Chandler is in a contract year and has proven he can be a consistent scorer for the Knickerbockers. His game has become so versatile that he can get buckets going to the rim as well as spot up and knock down the big three. His strength allows him to post players of lesser strength and really go to work. All the trade talks and the return of Gallo I blame to his recent struggle. Hopefully he has snapped out of the struggle as he dropped 25 big bunnies last night in the home win against Washington.

The overall analysis is that both players are vital to the Knicks getting W's the rest of the way. If there does so happen to be a deal and we need to part ways with one of them, so be it. But, for the time being, Gallo and Chandler will be in the lineup so the fans must get used to it.

Peace Up, Threes Down!