Game 2 is upon us and there are tons of questions that have come to the forefront:

Will Chauncey Billups play?

No, any kind of "probable" listing is just trying to mess with the heads of the Celtics.  Let Billups sit then he has 4 days to rest until game 3.

Will Shaq play?


Will Toney Douglas be able to run the offense?

Yes and if he gets hot the Knicks won't lose.

Will Kevin Garnett get away with another blatant/dirty foul?


Will Paul Pierce flop?

Yes he is almost as bad as the originator of the flop...Reggie Miller.

Will Ray Allen play the game with class and respect unlike his other two amigos?


Will Ronny Turiaf curse in French?

Oh no question.

Will Carmelo Anthony respond from his rough outing in game 1?

Yes, I expect him to drop at least 30 points tonight...maybe more.

Will Amar'e Stoudemire dominate Glen "Big Belly" Davis?

Yes, the only way he doesn't is if the refs decide to call two quick fouls on him this time.

Will Rajon Rondo shoot as bad as my 3 year old cousin?


Will Doc Rivers out-coach Mike D'Antoni?

Yes, that's like saying Isiah Thomas can out-coach Phil Jackson.

Will the city of Boston have an inferiority complex with the city of New York?


Will the Knicks win?

If New York plays defense like they did last game the Celtics should be scared.  However, if the Knicks lose tonight the series is over.....

Will I be watching this game while I'm at my Aunt/Uncles house in Staten Island during the Passover Seder?

Yes, sorry in advance Hashem(God in Hebrew) - I'll make it up to you - I have waited to long for this series I am not missing a second of it.


Just to remind you Celtic fans and everybody else out there how the Knicks got robbed in game 1.....

check this video out of Kevin Garnett clearly tripping Toney Douglas at the top of the key!! Out in the open!! How do you miss this one ref!!  You better not miss a call like this at the real Garden in NYC because you won't make it out alive....