First off...this is not a rivalry between the two teams but this is a rivalry between the two cities.  I hate the Patriots, even as a Mets fan I hate the Red Sox, and if I cared about hockey I'm sure I'd hate the Bruins as well.  If you don't get that this is a rivalry between the two cities then you are not from New York or (the wanna be New York) Boston.

Now on to the series...

Coming into this series common sense would tell you that the Knicks have no chance.  The real Big 3 on the Celtics are a well oiled machine and know how to win close games. 

The Knicks on the on the other hand have a Big 2 1/2 and have absolutely no size or depth.  Naturally, the Celtics should man handle the Knicks then right? Think again.

Now if the Celtics had not traded away their tough center in Kendrick Perkins I'd say the Knicks would have no shot....obviously...but they did. 

Now if the Big Leprechaun was healthy I'd say the Knicks have no shot...but he is not....

However even with no Perkins and no Shaq the Celtics still have a huge advantage at the point if Rajon Rondo was completely healthy...but he is not...rumors are swirling that he has plantar better explain this injury to my fellow New Yorkers all I have to say is, "it's the injury that basically ruined Eli Mannings season last year"

Do not get me wrong I still think the Knicks are eventually going to lose this series but as a fan I definitely have hope.....and after ten years of watching the Knicks suck....I'll take it.

What's the best match up of this series?  I'm going to have to go with the Nenad Kristic vs. Sheldon Williams/Ronny Turiaf match up....just kidding. 

The most intriguing match up of this series in my mind is Kevin Garnett vs. Amar'e Stoudemire.  Amar'e has been ridiculed in the past for being soft in playoff games so here is his chance to redeem himself.  He will be going against the tough, grumpy, dirty old man's going to be a battle.

Carmelo Anthony vs. Paul Pierce is equally as intriguing they are both similar players who have a knack for hitting game winning shots.


I have to go against my heart on this one and pick the Celtics in 7Stat and Melo are playing with house money right now so if they put up a fight nobody in New York will care.  However, don't get used to it year it's put up or shut up time.....