The New York Knicks have cut Patrick Ewing Jr. ending his dream to play for the team his Dad dominated for.  It would have been fun to see him on the team and I really thought he could contribute(if given a chance) and I still think he can.  I would have cut Andy Rautins instead of Ewing Jr. but what are you going to do?

If Ewing Jr. does not get picked up by another NBA team he will probably go back to the D-League or play over seas.  Hopefully an injury to one of the Knicks scrubs on the end of the bench will open the door for Ewing Jr. to get signed. 

Honestly it sucks he was not put on the team since his father was my favorite player of all time and it would have been cool to see.  However, it really is not going to make a significant difference if "Young Pat" makes this team or not if he was not going to play anyway.