From the bright lights and the roaring noise in the Garden tonight I would like to announce to you, that indeed the Knicks did fall short yet again in their heavyweight bout with the Orlando Magic. A home game against a heavy hitter in the east. A game that mattered because on Monday night the Knicks handed the Celtics the game on a silver platter. A game that was a true measuring stick moving towards the playoffs. A game that was one the Knicks needed to have, and yet again the beloved Knickerbockers played one half of basketball.

The reality of this whole situation here in New York is simple. Things don't happen over night. I know the trade comparisons really raise eyebrows when you see what Denver has done and compare that to the Knicks. I see that every single day. I do give the Knicks a bit of leverage in the fact that the team does need to gel and figure out how each player's style of play will make this unit go. It takes time. That's the verse that seems to play over and over in the back of my head when I'm watching such a mediocre brand of basketball being played in the Big Apple. I mean really, it gets painful.

So with the time issue being addressed I simply get it. But, what I do not get and what I do not have patience for is the lack of E-F-F-O-R-T! The effort tonight was again lackluster at best. Billups took two ill advised shots down the stretch that were not necessary. Shawne Williams is simply a defensive hack. I don't know who said this guy could play defense, because I certainly don't see it. Amar'e Stoudemire jogs up the floor as if he's out on a Sunday morning in Central Park. Gets beat down the floor for a dunk. Are you kidding me? Factor in this ticket price curse because the prices need to be almost impecible for anyone to go see a game anymore. Why? I wouldn't pay two dimes and a nickel to sit and watch game after game be given away or lost because of effort. And to top it off, via Frank Isola's twitter account, practice is canceled tomorrow because Stoudemire proclaimed to be tired. Oh okay. So now I throw out the excuse that this team needs practice time because obviously you're too tired to get in the gym for two hours and run sets to get a better feel of how things will run during a game. That's crackerjack. That's garbage. By the way, this past Saturday was open for a practice, but none was scheduled. Figure it out.