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In what is probably the most surprising move in this abbreviated offseason - your New York Knicks have agreed to terms with Center Tyson Chandler.  In Chandler the Knicks have the most intimidating man in the middle since the great #33 - Patrick Ewing.   This just proves my theory that you can not predict what is going to happen in the NBA and that listening to rumors just makes your head spin because no smart "Journalist" out there saw this coming.

Tyson is a 7 foot 1 inch monster - he is a skilled rebounder/dominate shot blocker with tremendous leaping ability.  According to Dirk Nowitzki he was the reason the Mavericks won the NBA Title last season because of his defensive presence and his leadership in the locker room.  This signing is also huge for Amar'e Stoudemire who can now play his more natural position at the 4 spot.  Tyson can now bang down low and do all the dirty work while Amar'e can just play his game.  

In order to fit him under the Knicks cap are going to use the amnesty clause on Chauncey Billups and eventually going to trade Ronny Turiaf.  It is sad to see Billups go because he is such a leader and a likable guy but I am not crying over it because he is often injured, he is old and he only played in 21 games as a Knick so boo hoo see ya later.  

The loss of Billups does leave the starting point guard position open for the time being.  Who the Knicks are going to fill that void with remains to be seen.  There are rumors swirling but who knows what "reports" from these "sources" are true...again - no source out there saw Tyson Chandler coming to the Knicks so expect the unexpected.  Baron Davis? Gilbert Arenas? Mike Bibby? or just Toney Douglas/Iman Shumpert?  The offseason has only begun....

P.S.:  The signing of Chandler closes the door on the Chris Paul dream...for now(Tyson and CP3 had their best years playing together in the N.O. so a possible reunion is not out of the question).  However, it is relieving to see the Knicks management finally concentrating on building a team and not chasing the stars.  

P.P.S.  If the Knicks trade Amar'e Stoudemire in any way, shape or form for ANYBODY in the NBA(Chris Paul, Dwight Howard) it will be an utter disgrace.  If it wasn't for Amar'e coming to New York City and taking on the challenge of fixing the TERRIBLE Knicks none of this would be happening....don't have a short term memory Knicks fans this team was a laughing stock only 2 seasons ago and if you don't remember that or don't care then you are NOT a true fan and you do NOT deserve this team.


Expect A LOT of this at Madison Square Garden....dunks like this will electrify the crowd....