I admit it I'm a big hater of the Miami Heat.  I am a die hard Knicks fan and have been one since I was born.  I started hating the Heat when Pat Riley left the Knicks high and dry and took his greesey head to South Beach.  I continued hating the Heat when P.J. Brown tossed Charlie Ward into the stands and nearly the entire Knicks team was suspended for trying to break up the fight; or just walking to half court and walking back to the bench(Thanks a lot Stern).  Just when I thought my hate would die down for the Miami Heat LeBron Shames brought his talents to South Beach along with Chris Bosh

However, with all of that said a team with Chris Bosh, Big Z and a few no name big men will not win a title this season.  I am not being a hater by saying this I am just stating the facts.  Bosh is about 100 pounds and soft, Big Z is a reincarnated Rik Smits but not as good and slower(yeah it's possible to be slower then Smits), and the other big men would have no shot in a 7 game series against teams with dominate inside presences (Celtics, Lakers, Magic, Blazers).  If the Heat can snag a real big man some how by the deadline then they have a shot to win a ring this year.  Also once this off season comes and they grab a real big man then it will be over for next year and in the future.  As of now though they are not going to win a ring in 2011.

Oh you want proof....check this video out of Rajon Rondo dunking on a frozen Chris Bosh.....Bosh looked either scared or he just didn't want to get dunked on buuuuuut he was dunked on anyway....by a point guard...

I'd also be lying if this dunk didn't put a huge smile on my face